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Story of a girl student who cracked her IOE exams despite all personal odds

 “Nothing is impossible in life if you keep faith in yourself and your hard work.”

From my childhood I used to hear that you are a girl and he is a boy, I really didn’t get what is wrong being a girl and this always pushed me to do my best during my childhood days. I was a hard-working student since my childhood and always use to get appreciation from my teachers and parents.

I passed my school with a very good percentage. Then as every other student, I joined high school. Everything was going well. However, my actual struggle started afterwards I lost my focus, I failed my 1st term exams and eventually my teachers who never use to get tired by praising how good I was started ignoring me. That incident broke my confidence. I was devasted. I constantly use to get angry and feel miserable about myself. I fell into Depression at the same time. I used to stay with my siblings at that time. I didn’t even have my parents to whom I can share that nothing good is happening with me. Then the depression hit me hard and I got admitted to a hospital in Birgunj.

Nevertheless, I passed both 11 and 12 without any back, fortunately. I found it unbelievable, it’s one of the miracles. After the completion of high school, I aimed to become an engineer. But noone had any faith in me that I could ever crack an IOE entrance. Everybody used to tell me that I won’t be successful in my life, even my teachers. Once I was back from the hospital. I heard many negative reactions that made me lost every hope I had and I ended up taking a year gap. Till then my classmates had already cracked the IOE exams and they were studying engineering while I was still waiting with a single hope that I can succeed too. I was addicted to the pills which doctor has prescribed to me but how can a girl crack an entrance who is taking pills and sleep at least 20 hrs a day. Time went by but I had to keep myself strong, But somewhere I wasn’t ready to let go of my dream to become an Engineer despite all odds. It didn’t matter to me what everyone else was telling me. I kept struggling and started to teach in a school during the gap, while each of my friends was doing their best. I considered teaching in a school. Teaching and passing my knowledge to younger students made me feel better and kept me motivated, Spending time with students made me feel better and I could concentrate better on my life and my studies. My dream was just to crack an entrance and join engineering at that moment. I started preparing at my home. By then it was already 2 years since I passed my intermediate level and I forgot so many topics. However, I kept on working hard. Then, I went to Kathmandu and started preparing for an entrance. Time passed and the day came when finally I gave my entrance and guess what??? Yes, I did it. I cracked my IOE entrance and got a chance to study Mechanical Engineering.

Nobody had any faith in me. It is a story of a topper who lost herself, fell into a depression where everyone considered her a loser for her little failure. But now she is an Engineering student and after a couple of years a Mechanical Engineer ready to serve the nation & do best in her field.

I’m optimistic.

About the Author

Sweta Jha is currently a student pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. She believes when a youth is empowered, he/she understands the importance of education and helps uplift the sector, integral for a developing nation.

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