Periodic motion practice Questions Neb class 12 - Note Library


Periodic motion practice Questions Neb class 12

Simple Harmonic Motion practice question neb numericals

Periodic Motion Short Answer Questions

1. Define second’s pendulum. If it is taken to moon, will it gain or lose time? Why?

2. The girl on the swing stands up. What will be the effect on the periodic time of the swing?

3. If the length of the simple pendulum is increased by 8 times its original length, will its time period change? If yes, by how much?

4. A simple harmonic motion is represented by y=acos(ω+φ)in usual notation. Find its acceleration.

5. A body is moving in a circular path with constant speed. Is this motion a simple harmonic? Explain.

6. Suppose a hole is dug in the earth through its centre. A ball is dropped into the hole. Will the ball return to the thrower? Explain.

7. A particle executing simple harmonic motion comes to rest at the extreme positions. Is the resultant force on the particle zero at these positions according to
Newton’s first law?

8. A small creature moves with constant speed in a vertical circle on a bright
day. Does its shadow formed by the sun on a horizontal plane move in a simple harmonic motion?

9.what is resonance ?

Long Answer Questions

10. Define SHM. Deduce a relation for the total energy of SHM.

11. Define simple pendulum. Show that motion of bob of a simple pendulum is
simple harmonic. Obtain an expression for its frequency.

12. Show that motion of vertical mass-spring system is simple harmonic and
deduce its time period.

Numerical Answer Questions

13. A block of mass 5 kg executes simple harmonic motion under the restoring
Force of a spring. The amplitude and the time period of the motion are 0.1m and 3.14 s respectively. Find the maximum force exerted by the spring
on the block.

14. A glider with mass m= 2.00 kg sits on a frictionless horizontal air track,
connected to a spring with force constant k = 5.00 N/m. You pull the glider,
stretching the spring 0.100 m and then release it with no initial velocity.
The crate glider begins to move back towards it equilibrium position (x=0).
What is its velocity when x= 0.080 m?

15. A simple pendulum has a period of 4.2 second, when the pendulum is shortened by 1m the period is 3.7 second. Find these measurements, calculate the calculate the
acceleration of free fall the original length of the pendulum.

16. The displacement y of a mass vibrating with simple harmonic motion is
given by y= 20sinπt, where y is in millimeter and t is in second. What is:
i) amplitude 
ii) the period
 iii) the velocity at t=0.

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