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IOE Cutoff Ranks 2079: Pulchowk , ERC, WRC, Chitwan ||

IOE Cutoff Ranks 2079/2080/ Pulchowk, WRC, ERC, Thapathali, Chitwan |cutoff rank marks IOE entrance
The Institute of Engineering (IOE) in Nepal is renowned for its engineering and architecture programs, attracting students from all over the country. Each year, students eagerly anticipate the release of the cutoff ranks for admission to various faculties at different IOE campuses. The cutoff ranks are a vital indicator of the competition and eligibility required to secure a seat in these prestigious institutions.

As we delve into the cutoff ranks for the year 2079, let's explore the data for several IOE campuses, including Pulchowk Engineering Campus, Thapathali Engineering Campus, Paschimanchal Engineering Campus, Purwanchal Engineering Campus, and Chitwan Engineering Campus.

What is the meaning of CUT-OFF Marks?
-->Cut-off marks are the minimum marks that candidates must obtain in order to be admitted to their preferred college or university. If a student wants to pursue their selected course, they must obtain high grades. The cut-off or the range of this cut-off varies between colleges and types of Quota or Seats. In Simple, Cut-off means the least marks required for that college, that type of seat to get admission.

Pulchowk Campus

Faculty Regular Full Fee
Aerospace 567 1969
Architecture 802 1358
Computer 51 207
Chemical 1259 6624
Civil 197 461
Electrical 687 2791
Electronics 251 471
Mechanical 571 1095

Thapathali Campus 

Faculty Regular Full Fee
Civil 486 936
Computer 256 480
Electronics 542 1095
Automobile 2003 4076
Industrial Engineering 1992 6454
Mechanical 1001 1703
Architecture 1336 2066

Paschimanchal Campus 

Faculty Regular Full Fee
Automobile 5358 6419
Computer 396 887
Civil 600 1405
Electrical 2165 3604
Electronics 996 1906
Geomatics 1446 3206
Mechanical 2126 3608

Purwanchal Engineering Campus 

Faculty Regular Full Fee
Architecture 2042 4633
Agriculture 2838 6149
Computer 821 1724
Civil 880 1969
Electrical 2068 3585
Electronics 1921 3674
Mechanical 2279 5662

Chitwan Engineering Campus 

Faculty Regular Full Fee
Architecture -- 6068

"Cutoff ranks are a crucial resource for prospective students, offering valuable insights into the competitiveness of engineering and architecture programs across various IOE campuses. These ranks are instrumental in helping students make well-informed decisions regarding their academic and career paths. It's important to keep in mind that cutoff ranks can fluctuate from year to year, so staying up-to-date with the latest admission information is essential.

As the IOE continues to foster engineering and architectural talent in Nepal, the data on cutoff ranks plays a pivotal role in guiding aspiring engineers and architects on their educational journey."

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