Grade_12; Management Stream Most repeated & important questions paper for upcoming Board Examination!! - Note Library


Grade_12; Management Stream Most repeated & important questions paper for upcoming Board Examination!!

Business Studies Most repeated and important Questions 

                                Grade 12

                      Management Stream

                        Business Studies

     Most repeated and important questions

Nature of Management

1. What is management? Show difference between administration and management

2. Management is both science and art. Explain

3. Mention characteristics of management

4. Mention the functions of management

5. Explain the levels of management

6. What are the functions of top level, mid-level and bottom level management

Principles of Management

1. Explain Principles of Fayol's Administrative Management Theory 

2. Explain Principles of Max Weber's Bureaucracy

3. What is scientific management? Explain Taylor's Scientific Management Principles 4. Explain contribution of management theories of all (Write importance)


1. What is the concept of planning? Describe process of planning

2. What are the limitations/pitfalls of planning?

3. What is the need/importance/benefits of planning?


1. What is delegation and decentralization? Why is it important?(Most frequently asked question)

2. What is organizing function? How is departmentation made? What is the importance of departmentation? Explain techniques of departmentation

3. Show difference between line and staff organization structure

4. What is authority? What is delegation of authority? Write the barriers to effective delegation of authority

5. Describe steps to organizational process

6. State principles of delegation of authority? Why is delegation of authority important?

7. What is responsibility and accountability?

8. State principles of organizing

Decision Making

1. What is decision making? Explain steps in decision making process

2. Write and explain the types of managerial decisions 

3. Show importance of decision making in management and business


1. What is motivation? What is the importance of motivation?

2. Distinguish between positive and negative motivation.

3. What are human needs? Describe Maslow's Heirarchy of need theory of motivation

4. Describe Herzberg's dual factor theory.


1. What is the meaning of leadership? Explain qualities of effective/good leadership.

2. What are the different types of leadership styles? Differentiate between autocratic and democratic leadership.

3. What are the merits and demerits of autocratic leadership?

4. What are the merits and demerits of democratic leadership?

5. What are the functions of leadership?


1. What is supervision? What is the role/function of supervisor?

2. What are the factors affecting supervision? Explain?

3. What is the importance of supervision in business organization?


1. What is communication? Explain barriers to effective communication.

2. Explain importance of communication in organization

3. Show/illustrate the process of communication

4. What is the difference between formal and informal communication?

Contemporary Issues on Management

1. What is conflict management? What are the sources and levels of conflict?

2. Write the meaning and importance of quality management.

3. Write the meaning and importance of talent management.

4. Write the meaning and importance of supply chain management.

5. What are the types of family businesses? What is the roles in the business?

Business Letter Writing

1. What is the meaning and uses of business letter?

2. Write the structure of business letters

3. What are the essential qualities of business letters

4. What are the purpose where business letter are used?

Enquiry, order, conformation, complaint, job application

Business Plan

1. What is business plan? What is the importance/significance of business plan?

2. What are the contents of business plan?

3. Formulate a business plan.

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