Class 12 Chemistry Chapterwise Practice Questions for upcoming Board Exam - Note Library


Class 12 Chemistry Chapterwise Practice Questions for upcoming Board Exam

Class 12 Chemistry Chapterwise Practice Questions

 Class 12 Chemistry Chapterwise Practice Questions 

Practice question for alkyl halide

1. Chloropicrin is used as
a) hypnotic 
b) insecticide
c) anesthetic 
d) all of these

2. Rectified spirit is
a) 100% ethanol 
b) 90% ethanol
c) 100% methanol 
d) 95% ethanol

3. Ethyl alcohol can react with conc. H2SO4 to give
a) Ethyl hydrogen sulphate 
b) ethylene
c) Diethyl ether 
d) all of these

4. Ethyl bromide on treatment with alcoholic potash gives
a. ethanol 
b. ethylene 
c. acetic acid 
d. ethane

5. Chloroform on oxidation with air gives
a. phosgene 
b. formic acid 
c. chloropicrin 
d. CCl 4

6. Which of the following is wrong statement
a. Chloroform is used in surgery as an anesthetic drug
b. chloroform is prepared from chlorination of Chloral
c. Chloroform on exposure to air and sunlight gives carbonyl chloride
d. insecticide Chloropicrin is prepared from nitration of Chloroform.

7. For a reaction, C 2 H 5 OH + HX C 2 H 5 X + H 2 O, the order of reactivity is:
a. HCl > HBr >HI
b. HI>HCl> HBr
c. HI>HBr> HCl 
d. HBr>HI>HCl

8. Williamson’s synthesis, RX reacts with RONa to give ROR, the reaction is
 a. Nucleophilic substitution
 b. nucleophilic addition
 c. electrophilic addition
 d. electrophilic substitution

9. Which reaction belongs to the elimination reaction ?
 a) dehydration of alcohol
 b) hydrogenation
 c) dehydrohalogenation 
d) both a and c

10. Most common reaction shown by alkyl halide is
 a) electrophilic addition
 b) free radical addition
 c)nucleophilic substitution
 d) electrophilic substitution

11. Alkyl halides are converted into higher alkane by
a) Darzens reaction 
b) Stephen reaction
c) Mendius reaction
d) Wurtz reaction

12. Which of the following give a positive iodoform test?
a) Benzyl alcohol
 b) propan-2-ol
c) 2-phenyl ethanol 
d) pentan-3-ol


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