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CEE 2023 memory Based Questions

CEE 2023 memory Based Questions

CEE 2023 memory Based Questions

1.Human heart is myogenic due to presence of?

2.Mode of transmission of HIV.

3.Which is most stretchable tissue?

4.With the increase in temperature the young's modulus....?

5.Which is the protective tissue in human body?

6.Sunset is because of..

7.Which is the store house for Malarial parasite?

8.Louder sound in frog is due to?

9.The escape velocity of the earth is 11.2km/s.If the stone is projected making 50° with the horizontal,what will be the escape velocity?

10.Heaviest liquid is?

11.Semi autonomous nature of mitochondria is due to?

12.Explant is Sterilised by

13.Mother with ABO blood group B homozygous and father has blood group A unknown then the child may have..?

14.Teenager with depression anxiety is most likely to consume which drug

15.Where does the terminal position of septal nephridia open?

16. Ultrafiltration is due to

17.Dignigrate adaption is shown by which type of animals

18. Eustachian tube is absent in

19. PCR is invented by

20. Frog heart differ from human heart by

21. Extra copy of chromosomes is called

22. 1ev is equal to

23. Common name for nitrobenzene is

24. Person going at high altitude will have

25. Person walking with naked feet, which parasite is likely to attack...it was something like this...

26.Removal of oxygen is known as

28.No of diode in full wave rectifier 

29. Eustachian valve is present in

30. Ecesis is 

31. angular momentum dimensions

32.Depletion layer in pn junction diode is due to

CEE 2023 chemistry memory based pointed question!!

1. Apple ma hune acid

 2. Rexn of ch3mgbr with ester

3. Teflon

4. X2y

5. 0.25 percent Naoh dehydration

6. Charring 7. Vat dyes indigo

8. Ch3Cn plus ch3mgbr ketone

9. Gaesous oxide so2 

10. Fishy smell ph3

11. Used in semiconductor fullerene

12. phosphorescence white phosphorous

13. Calomel

14. Pig iron

15. Tollens reagent

16. Salicyladyhyde

17. Oil of mirabane Nitrobenzene

18. Heaviest liquid is 19. Removal of oxygen is known as

20. Oxidation no of Sulphur in H2S04

21. Iodine banne 22. Flowering ma use hune element

23. Maxm catenation property in

24. Lindlar catalyst

25. Is most acidic p nitrophenol

26. Has maxm pka value hcooh 27. Cinamic acid

28. Mass of oxygen that remains.after

the pipe is opened 

29. Decarboxylation of aminoacid

30. 1 H1 ra gamma vako

31. On1 vako

32. Rate = kpko power 4 vako

 33. In cement bleaching agent ma Nh3

34. Parts per million wala

35. Paracetamol reduce body


36. H2S law of constant proportion.

Botany question 2023

1. Sal and teak are found in

2. Explant sterilized by 3. Maximum diversity in terai region due to

4. Danger of extinction in near future if

not applied prevention

5. Cross test resulting phenotype 1:1

6. Eceises

7. AaBbCcDdEE no of gametes 8. Part after secondary constricton in telomere

9. Open conjoint vascular bundle is

found in

10. Addition of chromosomes

11. Tracheophytes

12. Mitochondria is called

semiautonomous organelle due to

13. Epinasty

14. Lowest resemblance in classification

15. The person dies in well 16. Dna replication in

16 multiple alleslism

17. Crypto preservation

18. Grafting

19. Plant genetic engineering

20. Beer and wine 

 21. Pollination clistogamous

22. Genetic engineering

 23. Stilt root develops from

24. Archaebacteria

25. Sexual classification given by

26. Absorption spectrum

27. Study of RNA and dna 28. Pataus syndrome

29. Which of them is incorrect bryo-

30. Protoplasm

31. Pcr discovered by 32. Bolting in plants

33. Major air pollutants

34. Seliqua develops from

35. Endosperm in angiosperms

36. Phloem fiber

37. Uracil present

38. Homozygous and heterozygous 39. Interconnected food chain

40. Genetic drift

CEE Physics 2023 memory based question point

1. Inner and outer dimension 2. Dimension of angular momentum.

3. change in viscocity in hot air 4. Change in young modulus on heating

5. Metacenter 6. Apparent frequency

7. Refractive index doesnot depend


8. Figure ma resistance

9. Figure ma magnetic field intensity 10. Minimum no of transistor in full

wave rectifier 

11. Dark matter

12. Barrier potential is due to 13. Quark combination of antineutrino

14. Hubbles law

15. Amplification factor 16. Ratio of intensity quality 10 power


17. Ratio of amplitude

18. Same debroglie wavelength of electron and proton

19. Proton accelerated through 1 v

20. Sunset is because of 21. Spider web is

22. Escape velocity

23. Ratio of nuclear density 24. Ratio of maxm to minimum capacitance

25. Figure ma A and B move along... comment don't if you know 

26. The shape of liquid miniscus

27. Atmospheric pressure at 100


28. Change in heat 1 cal From 1.46 to


46 degree

29. Temperature ko ratio 8 /3

30. At what height g becomes g/4

31. Planks constant

32. At saturation the photocurrent

depend upon

33. E prooortional to T ko power 4

34. Emf of a galvanometer 35. In a ac circuit v leads at .....

36. Emf nilalne emi bata

37. Drift velocity ko relation 38. Hard x ray

39. Defect of bohr

40. To make p type trivalent

41. An equiconvex lens with power.... 25 cm

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