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Microbial Biotechnology

Microbial Biotechnology 

# Biotechnology 
Biotechnology is the branch of applied Science that utilizes living organisms and their derivatives in order to produce products and process.

# Microbiology 
Microbiology is the Study of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi & protozoa.

# Impacts of biotechnology in the field of microbiology:-
Microbial biotechnology is used in various purposes for benefit of Human bring directly or indirectly in following ways:-

1) In the field of Agriculture:-
a. Improvement of variety
b) Somatic hybridisation
c) Nitrogen fixation in Mon-leguminous Cereals
d) Development of transgenic plants, animals & microbes.

2) In the field of industry:-
a) Bakery industry
b) Brewery industry
c) Dairy industry [eg Lactobacillys is used].
d) Vinegar making industry
e) butyl alcohol and acetone manufacture industries.
f) Tea & tobacco industries
g) production of enzymes
h) Biofuel & bioplastics production.

3) In the field of Medicine:- 

a) Gene therapy
b) production of first & Second-generation Vaccines
[ 1st generation- fermentation]
[2nd generation- Recombinant DNA]

c) Pharmaceutical products like insulin 
d) interferon, growth hormone, etc.!

4) In the Field waste Disposal Industry :- (Microbes) --> are used to clean oil, toxic waste, sewage treatment

5) In the field of Food and Beverage-

[sewages --> chemical, undosnastic substances mixed] 
[garbages => domastic substances ]

6) In the field of Environmental protection:-

a) Single Gell protecting 
b) Mining & extraction of metals
c) Making faster & smarter Computers

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