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Ek Chihan Novel || PDF

Ek Chihan Novel || PDF ek Chihan exercise solution Nepali class 12

The novel 'Ek Chihan' (2017-2067) written by  Hridayachandra Singh Pradhan. "Ek Chihan" (2017-2067), written by Hridayachandra Singh Pradhan (1972-2016), revolves around the humble Ashtanaran's family in Kathmandu. With his wife Latmaya and their children Shivnaran, Punnaran, Harshanaran, and Nanithaku, the novel delves into their lives. It begins with Ashtanaran falling ill and ultimately passing away. The narrative explores Nanithaku's relationship with Dr. Godatta Prasad, as well as Surman Subba's scheming to marry her. Harshanaran's marriage to Putali Tamang and Nanithaku's union with Ramkhelavan are also pivotal events. Through the struggles of this peasant family, the novel sheds light on the hardships faced by the poor. Its underlying message is to emphasize the significance of labor and its value in society.

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